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Table of Contents
Concepts (ideas from the book, but not word for word excerpts)
The Principles of Trusted Leadership
Enemies of Trusted Leadership
The SEEKER Model
Are You Building Trust Inside Your Organization?
The Organizational Trust Equation
Avoid Promises You Can't Keep
How to Rebuild Trust That Has Been Lost

The Free Press, a division of Simon & Schuster, January 2003 ISBN: 0-743-23539-8

The Role of The Trusted Leader

Based on highly specific research and experience that covers a wide spectrum of managers and organizations, The Trusted Leader identifies the three critical types of trust that leaders need to master: strategic trust, organizational trust, and personal trust. It introduces a practical and effective formula for building organizational confidence, and provides a unique analysis of the obstacles to trust and the sources of resistance to the building of trust inside organizations. Through a series of interactive exercises, executives will learn how to determine where trust is missing and how it can be supplemented in people, departments, and even whole companies. Perhaps most timely are the book's series of diagnostic tools and skills that help executives rebuild trust that has been broken or betrayed.

Why Trust Matters

As business insiders and authors Robert Galford and Anne Seibold Drapeau show, trust inside a company provides focus, fuels passion, fosters innovation, and helps employers to hire and retain the best employees. Trust inside, the authors argue, also builds trust outside by gaining credibility with today's skeptical consumer.

Trust is all too frequently overlooked in other leadership books, and is even more important today as companies face uncertain customer demands and the pressures to compete successfully in a whiplash market. Crises, restructurings, mergers, downturns and executive departures are often trust-destroyers. The Trusted Leader examines those defining moments, and helps leaders turn such situations into trust-building experiences, creating a culture and legacy of trust throughout the organization at large.

Lessons From The Trusted Leader

Rich in true stories, examples and practical advice, The Trusted Leader guides leaders on how to climb the ladder of trust, and how to secure their legacy as trusted leaders. For managers of all levels, The Trusted Leader is the only comprehensive guide for building trust inside an organization — the key to every company's long-term survival and success.


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