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Enemies of Trusted Leadership

  1. People whose needs for promotion, power, and recognition are potentially lethal to the organization.

  2. People whose personal agendas are at odds with the organization's strategy.

  3. People with volatile personalities.

  4. A corporate history of underperformance.

  5. The bait and switch (rescinding of an agreement).

  6. People whose behavior reflects controlled vengeance.

  7. Inconsistent messaging.

  8. Complicated situations.

  9. The unintended consequences of a particular event, announcement, or initiative.

  10. The constancy of corporate reorganizations or management changes.

  11. Rapidly changing situations.

  12. Benevolence in the wrong place.

  13. False feedback.

  14. Elephants meandering undisturbed in the parlor. (Don't ignore whispering and bring issues out into the open).

  15. Inconsistent reactions or standards.

  16. Excessively strict or inflexible standards.

  17. Scapegoating.

  18. Taking away part of the everyday (perks, work environment luxuries, etc.).

  19. Paralysis in the face of difficulty.

  20. Incompetence, or perceived incompetence.

  21. Failing to trust others.

  22. Your sweet old self.


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