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The "SEEKER" Model

What it takes to build trust inside your organization

S-Show that you understand the needs of the person and the group.
E-Establish the guiding principles of how you'll operate.
E-Explain the resources you'll be using.
K-Keep to the principles you've elaborated.
E-Engage in constant, honest, two-way communication.
R-Reinforce your words through consistent behaviors.

The Five Stages of Building Personal Trust

1) Engaging
You have an obligation to keep in touch and on point with the kinds of things that concern the people you work with, meet them on their terms at the right time and in the right fashion.

2) Listening
Hear what is being said, and also what is not being said.

  1. Be patient
  2. Let the other person tell her story in her own words, and respect the way in which the story unfolds, but don't be afraid to try to clarify what you hear.
  3. Try not to use stock phrases to excess.
  4. When you're listening to someone, behave like you're listening to him or her!

3) Framing
Infuse what you've heard with your own perspective and insights.

4) Envisioning
Create an image, for yourself and the person you're working with, of what can be accomplished.

5) Committing
Pursue your desired outcome and agree on the method of pursuit.


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