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Avoid Promises You Can't Keep

  • I have no hidden agenda
  • There won't be any more layoffs
  • This time we've got it fixed
  • This will not have an impact on bonuses
  • I don't see any reason why this will slow us down
  • This will actually improve (fill in your choice: our communication, our responsiveness, our processes)
  • The customer will love this
  • This will reinforce our commitment to our people
  • We will be stronger as a result
  • I have faith in our team
  • We've got the right people on this
  • This is the last time…
  • This will be the first time…
  • This is the hardest thing this company will ever have to do
  • We'll see results from this in three months
  • This will dramatically increase our market share
  • This will change the way our company operates
  • Read my lips. No new taxes


Is it easier to get promoted in one department of your company than in another?

Did you take your new vice president of marketing out to lunch when he got promoted two months ago, but fail to respond in kind when you appointed a new head of IT?

Do you tell one department that they are "the most important part" of your organization?

Does one corporate location have palatial offices, and another have a cramped space?


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